How Realtors Make Profit from Holiday Homes

In my quest to becoming a self sustaining member of society that can contribute his fair share, I over-heard my uncle talking to my father about one of his friends. I joined in the conversation and realised that they what they were talking about. My uncle spoke about Jim, a friend of his that made his entire salary from Holiday Homes as a realtor.

My uncle was also a realtor, this is how Jim and himself know each other. He said that it was not unusually for realtors to get bored of selling on their home soil, and many would move away (or travel back and forth) to sell holiday homes abroad. Now, I’ve always wanted to travel, but being able to travel with work was something of a dream come true for me. Making money on the road seemed insanely cool.

I asked my uncle if he could possibly set up a meeting between Jim and myself so I could find out more about him. My uncle agreed, and two weeks later, I was sitting in front of Jim with nothing but two coffee cups between us. I was curious as to the differences between selling at home and selling abroad. He was very informative and shared everything he knew with me. He said that sometimes being on the road is great, but other times, there is no place like home.

After a good couple of hours of chat, he gave me a website to look at, to get more of an idea of what was out there. According to him, Thailand was the place to try and make it big. So I looked on the website and saw what it had to offer. Thailand was great, but i especially loved the large amount of vacation rental options on Samui. So this is where I’m going next month.

I’ve booked a flight out there to meet Jim so I can sit in on a couple of sales. He tells me that if I’m anything like my uncle, I’ll be a pro at it. This has already opened up so many doors for me, I can’t wait to see what happens next!