When you wish to rent out your apartment, it is obvious that you expect to have a good tenant who uses your house responsibly, and pays their rent on time. But an as a landlord you also have certain responsibilities towards your tenants. Here are some of them:

Respond to their repair requests

When a tenant is using your property, it is your duty to provide them with a few basic amenities. And that too within a decent span of time. Repairs like broken hinges or handles can wait for w while, a blocked drain could be an emergency and require immediate attention. You can get drain repairs Glasgow done immediately with cost-effective service that is efficient and highly satisfactory. Or when the insulation has conked off especially in winters, one must attend to them immediately.

Provide a safe environment to stay in:

This is the least you can provide people who pay money to live in your home. If there are any troublemakers in your vicinity, try to report them and get rid of them. Also, make sure you provide a property that has all doors and windows that are intact with a fully functional locking system. Make sure you provide them with all the keys in case they get locked out. Have spare keys with you.

Maintain a calm and peaceful environment.

This is when you share the property with your tenants. While you would not think twice before complaining to them in case they are noisy, it is important that you do the same too. In case you have a party planned or when the potential noise will happen, always inform them beforehand.

Be responsible and provide a clean environment:

You as a landlord are not expected to clean the house while the tenants are living, you must at least maintain the property in order to keep it neat and tidy. Take care that the trash is taken out and the garbage system is fully functioning, maintain the lawn grass, street lights in place etc.